Congratulations to Travis Shoemaker, several of us went out on the last day of deer season looking to put some meat in the freezer.  Travis got the job done shooting a DCR .300 Win Mag.  The conditions were far from perfect, but he still made the shot at 867 yards.  GREAT SHOT!!!

DCR built Stiller Predator; Krieger barrel, HS Precision stock & detachable box magazine, chambered in .300 Win Mag, Burris XTR II 3-5x50.

Congratulations to Shane Jones on this nice hog he killed while hunting in South Carolina.  DCR built Stiller Predator, Brux barrel, HS Precision stock, Jewell trigger, chambered in .300 Win Mag.

David made two more news worthy kills at the end of deer season, one at 543 yards & another at an awesome 935 yards

What a way to end the season!

David Ulery & a friend took David's new DCR rifle out for some long range shooting. Both deer came out at 575 yards. David ranged the deer, dialed the scope & first shot was spot on the money. The second deer ran back in the woods. It returned a few minutes later giving David's friend a shot at the second deer at the same distance. His shot was spot on too!

DCR built Stiller Predator; Brux interrupted fluted barrel, HS Precision stock & detachable box magazine, chambered .300 Win Mag with a Black Diamond Optics 3x15x50

Good shooting guys, awesome at that distance with a new rifle!